Monday, August 28, 2006

blah. blah. blah.

Haylie told me to update my blog. I shall be obedient & do it today! Even though I have nothing to say, really. This will probably just be some random tidibts:

- I'm thinking about starting a new blog for Shayn & I. He actually thinks it would be a good idea what with his parents moving halfway across the world and all. Then we would all be entertained by what I'm sure to be his humerous and off-color posts in addition to my insightful ramblings.

- I finally have my scrapbook area cleaned up. I made two cards today. Go me! But now Shayn wants me to help him fence tonight. Priorities dude. Priorities.

- Birthing classes are lovely. This last week we were entertained by the anesti....hmmm, epidural guy. The whole class was on medications & we watched two or three births. I kind of had the heebie-jeebies afterward. Too much information about needles & poking & medications & side-effects & what could go wrong, etc. This week we get the hospital tour. I'm looking forward to that.

- Eight weeks to go. Freaking out a little bit here.

- Shayn painted the baby's room last week. It's green. Called "Marshland". I like it. It's a bright, happy green.

- My new favoite treat is Ritz crackers & cottage cheese. Since I am an eating machine I am happy when I find something that tastes good & is healthy so I can eat as much of it as I want.

- We ate at the Spaghetti Factory a week or so ago and I am having some serious cravings for it since. It was delicious. Plus, they give you so much stinking food I actually got full.

- Getting comfortable to sleep at night is becoming increasingly difficult.

- Jared & Kathy blessed little Emma Rachel Cahoon yesterday. She is a cutie. Such a quiet & content baby.

- Stephanie is getting married this Saturday. We have two days of festivities; luncheons, sealing, some "garden gala elegant dinner buffet" sounds much too adult for us. ;)

- We saw Jeff & Diana at Lowe's on Saturday. (Sidenote: I love Lowe's contractor check out. It's on the other end away from all the checkstands. They have a coffee machine which also dispenses the most wonderful concoction of hot chocolate. I highly recommend it.) Diana does not even look like she was pregnant only three weeks ago. I was green with envy. I miss my old belly.

Time to go make dinner. So far the menu includes a frozen chicken breast. We'll see what else I can come up with. :)


Anonymous Haylie said...

NOW that was a sweet updation! HA! I just made up my own word! I think it's a swell idea to have a blog for you AND shayn. Then, there would be more reasons to swear online. We should make Jody (that's Cody and Judy for short) do a blog too. What do you think? Is damnit one word or two words? damn it or damnit. Just practicing for when Shayn blogs too. Geese, I hope none of my YW read the comments on your blog. Ha!

11:18 PM  

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